All our products are made bespoke to your individual requirements and there are a number of things to consider when developing your design and choosing which materials to use. Here at LP Balustrades we offer various options and solutions which are briefly detailed below, whilst ensuring that all our products adhere to current UK regulations. If you have any queries or require any more information, please get in touch today.


We can provide frames in two material types, stainless steel and mild steel.

Stainless Steel

Stainless steel offers a contemporary and clean looking product which doesn’t compromise on style. Whether inside or outdoors, the sleek designs afforded by the use of stainless steel, allow for stunning and impressive installations. For the majority of interior projects, we recommend using grade 304 stainless steel, whilst for outdoor installations and areas such as swimming pools we use grade 316 stainless steel, which provides more resistance to pitting corrosion in chloride and salt environments.

Mild Steel

We also offer mild steel frame alternatives, available in all standard RAL colours, but can also colour match to your specific requirements. Further details are available on request.


All our panels are made from toughened glass. Being up to five times stronger than ordinary glass, toughened glass can withstand far greater pressures and is specially treated so that it will break into small, blunt pieces under pressure, making it a safer alternative to normal glass.

Our standard option is 10mm toughened glass but we can supply panels at 6, 8 and 12mm thickness if the design allows it.

Other features of our glass panels to consider are:

  • Clear or smoked finish
  • Polished and beveled edges
  • Square or rounded corners

All our glass panels are cut and processed to your bespoke requirements to ensure the perfect fit in any project.


All our installations are finished to a high standard using only industry leading glass bracket fixings. Choosing the right brackets ensures the highest level of safety without compromising on style. We offer a large range of designs to ensure that your project has the perfect finish.


A critical aspect of any installation is stability and durability. We provide bespoke wall and post fixing solutions for each project, ensuring that all fixings blend seamlessly into your design.


LP Balustrades ensures that all designs and installations meet current UK regulations and can work with you to make sure that all aspects are compliant. We only use the highest standard of materials and components, providing peace of mind that safety and durability is never compromised.